About Our Club

The Waynesville Kodokan Judo Club strives to teach students not only only the physical skills of Judo, but its philosophy and traditions.  The sport teaches respect for others, self-control, self-reliance, as well as physical conditioning and self-defense. Judo is a lifetime pursuit with strong cultural roots.

Introduced as an Olympic Sport in 1964, Judo is one of the world’s foremost combat sports. It is a martial art that requires physical and mental discipline, and can be perfected over a lifetime. Whatever their reason for participating, our students develop self-confidence and other skills that will benefit other areas of their lives.

Our club membership includes recreational and competitive students of all ages. Many of them compete and win in regional, national and international competitions. Others come to us from other martial arts to learn judo throwing and ground work methods.

Sensei Bios

Our volunteer judo instructors bring experience and training from around the world, exposing students to a variety of techniques. All instructors are certified by USA Judo

Ron Hansen
8th Degree

Our Technical Advisor, Sensei Hansen trained in Japan and is an International Judo Coach with over 62 years experience.

Jimmy Riggs
7th Degree

As head coach, Sensei Riggs has trained and coached our students since the club’s inception in 1989.

David Daly
1st Degree

Daniel Norman

Daniel is safe sport certified and has a regional coaching certification from USA Judo.

Membership and Fees

Membership fees are affordable thanks to community support and our volunteer coaches.

Dues and fees will be discussed at the prospective student’s initial meeting. The initiation fee includes a uniform, a USA Judo annual membership, and a quarterly membership at the Waynesville Recreation Center. Payment options are available.

All students are required to be active member of one of the following: USA Judo, USJF, USJA or a recognized IJF affiliate.

Our coaches volunteer immeasurable hours teaching and working with students and the only compensation they need is the reward of knowing the Waynesville Kodokan Judo Club members are more knowledgeable, more skilled and more confident in themselves.

Join Us

Waynesville Rec Center
550 Vance St.
Waynesville, NC 28786

Tuesday & Thursday 
4:00 - 6:15 pm