Membership & Fees

Whether you are participating for recreation, conditioning or to fulfill a desire to compete in the Olympic sport of Judo, our senseis are qualified to help. Our staff includes an International Gold Coach and several coaches who still compete but are available to help you learn their favorite techniques.


All participants must be/become members of the Waynesville Recreation Center as well as be registered and current with one of the following recognized Judo associations:

*We recommend USA Judo membership as it allows competition in any venue. Apply for your USA judo membership by completing the online application at



  • $25 per month for children up to age 18; $25 for persons age 18 and older.  Discounts are available for families with two or more children. Certified USA Judo Coaches are exempt from club dues.
  • $25 initial administration fee, payable at registration, that includes a club t-shirt and patch.
  • Team athletic uniforms are available for an additional fee.
  • Memberships to the Waynesville Recreation Center are available for various lengths of time for children, adults and families.
Our thanks to Waynesville Recreation Center for their support in helping to keep our instruction fees extremely low.

Gi ~ Judo Uniform

It is for our students’ safety and the safety of others that an approved Gi (Judo uniform) be worn to all classes. Gi’s are available for purchase (cash only) at the dojo or you may purchase on your own.


Promotions will be made several times a year based on time-in-grade, participation, performance and knowledge of Judo.  Any Judo rank earned is recognized nationally and internationally. Once you earn the rank you will receive a recognized USA Judo certificate.

Bring a Friend

If you are a new student, it is recommended that you bring a friend of the same experience level so you have a regular workout partner and can learn together at your own speed. If bringing a friend is not possible–no worries. You will receive the same instruction and there are many students with whom to learn and workout.

Suggested Reading

Judo is more than just a sport. To receive the most from this experience, increase your understanding of this Olympic Sport by reading and learning about judo. We encourage students to read books and other recommended material to study judo as the history and philosophy is very important. Ask a Waynesville Kodokan Judo coach to provide recommendations.

Courtesy & Commitment

Most important, Judo is difficult to learn and takes patience and commitment. Our students must adhere to common courtesies on and off the mat. We provide for a structured class and require our students to adhere to rules of safety and respect for others.

Join Us

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Tuesday & Thursday 
4:00 - 6:15 pm