Rank Requirements

Senior Rank ~ Gokyu to Ikkyu

The Waynesville Kodokan Judo Club is a USA/USJI club. We welcome other martial arts.  However, our practice and teaching is based on the Olympic sport of Judo, having its roots in Kodokan Judo.

 Eligibility for promotion is based upon the following general requirements, not necessarily in this order:

  1. Moral character, attitude and maturity
  2. Competitive ability
  3. Technical proficiency
  4. General experience, contributions and time-in-grade
  5. Contributions of time and support toward the efficient operation of the Waynesville Kodokan Judo Club

The time-in-grade and point requirements outlined in the General Requirements document below are the minimum necessary to allow a Judoka to be examined for promotion to the rank of Senior Gokyu or higher. Meeting these basic requirements does not mean the candidate will be promoted. The student must satisfactorily demonstrate the skills and techniques for each rank, as described in the document below.

General Requirements for Senior Rank


Junior Rank

The objective of this program is to provide a reference in the process of teaching judo. It should be thought of as a flexible tool that the instructor will use as needed to improve the process, according to the resources, methods and capabilities of the athlete. Always take into account the capabilities and personality of the athlete within the process.

General Requirements for Junior Rank

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