Sensei Bios

Ron Hansen ~ 8th Degree

Sensei Hansen believes in strong community involvement. His career includes 36 years of law enforcement experience, Chief of Police in three communities, and volunteer senior instructor of Fayetteville Fort Bragg Judo since 1984. Sensei Hansen is also a Graduate of the FBI/NA academy and has a Masters in Social Justice.

Judo accomplishments:

  • Chairman USJA Promotion Board
  • Member of the United States Olympic Committee for Judo
  • USJF Life membership
  • Chairman, President of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Yudanshakai
  • Referee emeritus having been licensed as a PJU National Referee
  • President of North Carolina Judo Inc.
  • Member of the USA Judo Promotion Board, Teachers Institute and Rules Committee
  • Shichidan certificate from Kodokan; Hachidan certificate from USA Judo
  • International Coach with USA Judo
  • Trained over 83 students to the rank of Black Belt
  • Inducted into Wisconsin Judo Hall of Fame in 2007

Jimmy Riggs ~ 7th Degree

Sensei Riggs received his 7th Dan Black Belt from Sensei Ron Hanson of the North Carolina Judo Association in January 2016 at the Waynesville Recreation Center.

Sensei Riggs began Judo at age 9 at the Canton YMCA and received his 1st Dan Black Belt at age 16. He continued with Judo through college and after pursuing a career in nursing, returned home to western NC where he founded the Waynesville Kodokan Judo Club in 1987. The club is co-sponsored by the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department.

Judo accomplishments:

  • USA nationally certified coach
  • Vice President of North Carolina Judo
  • Received Shodan rank in 1978 at age 16
  • Holds the rank of Shichidan
  • Participated as a player on the state, regional, national and international level
  • Over 45 years of experience on the Judo mat
  • Won gold medal at the AAU Nationals in 1976 in Memphis, TN
  • Won gold medal at the AAU Nationals in 1981 in Winston-Salem, NC
  • Won silver medal at the World Master in 2009 in Atlanta, GA in the 45 – 49 age group 81 kg class

David Daly ~ 1st Degree

Judo accomplishments:

  • USA nationally certified coach




Daniel Norman ~ 1st Degree

Daniel has been on the Waynesville Kodokan Judo team for several years. He’s a USA Judo member, safe sport certified, and has a regional coaching certification from USA Judo.

When not participating in Judo, Sensei Norman enjoys sports, farming and learning about blockchain technology.

“My son, Logan, is also on the team and this is a great way for us to spend time together,” says Sensei Norman.

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